DIY Subwoofer


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Mr Trev: What do you guys think? Dec 6, 2019 17:12:58 GMT
Mr Trev: Didn't AKG try something like this once? Dec 6, 2019 17:13:20 GMT
Mr Trev: Just try to ignore the fact they're $3500 for now Dec 6, 2019 17:14:28 GMT
solderdude: Expensive, lacking in bass extension (for obvious reasons) and very high distortion levels (as per some measuremenst) but great sounding (so I am told) Dec 8, 2019 11:30:24 GMT
Mr Trev: Expensive… yes, but when you consider a shiny new top of the line Mac Pro costs $53000, it's almost a bargain Dec 12, 2019 17:19:09 GMT
shiro: Almost Xmas eve, so before everyone is too boozed up to visit here: Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. To those who don't: enjoy the peace and quiet, it only happens once a year, so sit back and relax. Dec 24, 2019 10:00:26 GMT
Javier: Merry Xmas to everyone Dec 24, 2019 18:08:30 GMT
Javier: Happy 2020 everyone! Jan 1, 2020 8:32:03 GMT
ronzo56: Happy New Year everyone. Jan 3, 2020 17:25:58 GMT
Mr Trev: 2020 already, but we still can't buy hovercars. Somebody has really dropped the ball on that one :( Jan 7, 2020 16:47:39 GMT
Mr Trev: The headphone equivalent of unicorns? Could be yours for only $26500CAD. Any takers? Jan 17, 2020 17:50:44 GMT
Mr Trev: C'mon Lobalwarming… you know you want to… Jan 17, 2020 17:51:16 GMT