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jellofund: ron, you mentioned CS leaderboard earlier. Curious to have a look but not sure where it lives - any chance of a link? Ta! Aug 2, 2015 11:32:46 GMT
ronzo56: Here's the link.,1803.0.html Aug 2, 2015 13:40:28 GMT *
jellofund: Cheers for the link. I was trying to figure out what CS stood for...completely forgot about Changstar. Been a while since I last visited. Aug 2, 2015 20:11:50 GMT *
solrighal: Facebook & Twitter are vile tonight. I'm harassing a disabled woman who's happy with benefit cuts. Hint: I'm not. Aug 2, 2015 21:12:58 GMT
solrighal: I'm harassing a troll who's in the guise of a disabled woman. Aug 2, 2015 21:13:49 GMT
ronzo56: Sounds like she might be a U.S. troll. Certain factions are in a blood lust to cut benefits so they can afford more tax cuts for the wealthy. Some even want to eliminate health care for senior citizens. They are a drag on the economy. >:D Aug 3, 2015 0:32:16 GMT
ronzo56: Anybody remember the movie Soylent Green? Or better yet, Logan's Run? Aug 3, 2015 0:34:22 GMT
solrighal: WE get exactly the same here Ron. They talking of 'benefits' as being this huge drain & so target the unemployed & the disabled but the truth is unemployment only accounts for something like 12% of all benefits. Aug 3, 2015 3:57:15 GMT
solrighal: In reality 72% of 'benefits' is actually the state pension. But they never talk about that. All this in a country where the national debt has doubled since the Tories came to power. It's now just over £1.5 Trillion! Aug 3, 2015 3:59:16 GMT
solrighal: And yet we're about to embark on a programme of upgrading our Trident WMD's at a cost of £100 Billion. The same people who want to cut benefits have no problem with illegal weapons. It's farcical. Aug 3, 2015 4:00:33 GMT
solrighal: And yes, I remember Logan's Run. I used to enjoy it when I wss wee but I suspect it hasn't aged well. Mind you, who has? (rofl) Aug 3, 2015 4:01:27 GMT
ronzo56: See if you can find Soylent Green sometime. Even more relevant I think. No Logan's Run was of it's time. But the message is still relevant. Aug 3, 2015 6:03:04 GMT
ronzo56: As to defense spending. We spend over £385 billion each year and that is down from years past. At one point we where spending over £6.3 billion a month in Iraq alone. Aug 3, 2015 6:13:23 GMT