They Don't Want Anyone to Hear it?


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lobalwarming: Have a Senn HD540 Ref I 600 ohm - which some say is the best of the vintage Sept 12, 2020 18:41:56 GMT
lobalwarming: A couple 540 Ref I 300 ohm models and a 540 Ref II 300 ohm - which some say is the best of the vintage Sept 12, 2020 18:42:45 GMT
lobalwarming: All requiring re-padding, cleaning and restoration. Altho after 40 years... they don't need more rest Sept 12, 2020 18:43:38 GMT
lobalwarming: One of the 300 ohm Ref Is from Germany in beautiful condition with pristine pads... but for Sept 12, 2020 18:44:31 GMT
lobalwarming: the smell. Possibly the Hasselhoff Special Edition. Reeked of cheap hair care products. Sept 12, 2020 18:45:17 GMT
lobalwarming: Those pads needed a couple nights in the kitchen sink with Dawn and Soapy Waters Sept 12, 2020 18:46:15 GMT
ronzo56: Thanks!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Sept 12, 2020 18:48:00 GMT
lobalwarming: Really enjoying the HD540 options... The best reference phone of the 80s. Sadly better than my 240DFs that I spent many a year with Sept 12, 2020 19:29:09 GMT
lobalwarming: Also got a pair of Senn HD250 Linear IIs. Even after modding, don't compare to a good set of open phones. Funny... with a mind as closed as mine, would have thought closed phones would be a better match ;-) Sept 12, 2020 19:30:40 GMT *
ronzo56: Closed cans just never can compare to open backs. A few have come close, but the physics of closed backs limit them. But they are great to have when someone’s got the TV on in the next room. Sept 12, 2020 21:48:30 GMT
lobalwarming: Not to invoke martial marital law... but can't the TV listener in the next room wear closed phones? Or better yet, learn to use the closed caption function. ;-) Sept 12, 2020 23:40:11 GMT
Rabbit: Do you find the hd250 ‘hard’ sounding and steely? I did Sept 13, 2020 7:21:41 GMT
Mr Trev: The earpads survived the washing? Even after all those years? I handwashed my Brainwavz pads. Not nearly as vintage. The foam got kinda mushy Sept 13, 2020 15:52:32 GMT
Mr Trev: Them 540s do have a strong following on HF. The ref. II especially I think. The ones with the unobtainable hybrid pads anyways Sept 13, 2020 15:54:19 GMT
lobalwarming: I find the HD250 hard, harsh, boxy and lumpy sounding. Very big U-shape. FU shape to my ears
Sept 13, 2020 18:29:13 GMT
lobalwarming: Earpads did survive the ritual cleaning. But not all of them, some required the ritual garbage-canning Sept 13, 2020 18:30:13 GMT
Mr Trev: I initially read that as "ritual garbage-caning". Thought it seemed pretty harsh Sept 16, 2020 17:51:01 GMT
lobalwarming: If you had inhaled the 'aroma' of those Hasselhoffian hair care product/headphone pads...well... caning might be too gentle a response Sept 16, 2020 21:40:27 GMT
lobalwarming: Happily those pads did deodorize quite well after a night in the kitchen sink with Dawn. Sept 16, 2020 21:41:40 GMT
Mr Trev: Well, at least they didn't reek of beastly BO, like in that Seinfeld episode :D Sept 17, 2020 16:03:16 GMT