Hifiman HE-350


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sene: Thanks solderdude...i have been keenly following you since the days of the Bravo ocean...infact i used your mod instructions to the Bravo which i am still using and very happy with....presently i want to upgrade but undecided between Sunrise,Horizon an Emb Aug 15, 2019 23:05:51 GMT
sene: I am leaning more towards a tube sound..of the three which higlights that quality most? Aug 15, 2019 23:08:22 GMT
lobalwarming: : Solstice is the sleeper value champ of the G1217 lineup. It's 24V like the Sunrise, but auto-bias like Ember. And supports true 12V heater tubes - and the 12V versions of the sought-after 6SN7s - like Tungsol round plate 12SN7s Aug 15, 2019 23:13:11 GMT
lobalwarming: The auto-bias function makes tube rolling a pleasure, compared to manual biasing. Since all G1217 models run the tube in Class A zero feedback, you hear all good/bad and ugly traits. The better tubes sound much better. The meh tubes sound meh. Aug 15, 2019 23:15:15 GMT
lobalwarming: The Solstice can support the mini-tubes like the ECC86/ECC88 up to the high current Mullard ECC31/32 and 6N7. The $20 FDD20 (12V 6N7) is a wonderful sounding tube - and excellent value. Aug 15, 2019 23:17:42 GMT
lobalwarming: Whichever G1217 amp you choose, definitely suggest getting the G1217 6SN7 adapter. The 6SN7/12SN7 family has the widest sonic range compared to the later 9pin generation. Aug 15, 2019 23:18:57 GMT
lobalwarming: I was tossing coins and flipping thoughts between the Sunrise and the Solstice. Chose the Solstice and have no regrets. The sonic palette available from this little amp and a couple dozen tubes is wider and deeper than I imagined. Aug 15, 2019 23:21:06 GMT
sene: Wow! Thanks lobalwarming the Solstice is very impressive but i used the amp for pre-out...hence the option between Ember,Horizon or Sunrise Aug 15, 2019 23:26:29 GMT
sene: Solstice would be the right choice if it came with pre-out.. Aug 15, 2019 23:31:36 GMT
lobalwarming: Oh...pre outs... speakers are overrated. :P Aug 16, 2019 0:01:16 GMT
lobalwarming: Sunrise or Ember it is... Aug 16, 2019 0:01:29 GMT
lobalwarming: OR... Solstice AND Sunrise. One for the personal gourmet listening and one for the group of sonic philistines. :D Aug 16, 2019 0:03:18 GMT *
sene: Thanks lobalwarming..will be checking out the sonic differences between the Ember and Sunrise Aug 16, 2019 15:04:16 GMT
sene: Genre of choice is reggae..love the live like presentation with emphasis in the extended bass... Aug 16, 2019 15:23:00 GMT
sene: I am not seeing too much info on preout performances of these amps Aug 16, 2019 15:24:32 GMT
solderdude: pre-amp output is the same as the headphone output (but attenuated). It also depends on how sensitive the speakers are that are connected to it and /or at what volume setting they are. Aug 16, 2019 17:56:53 GMT *
lobalwarming: : Would an attenuator (with RCA jacks) on the Solstice headphone output work as well as the stock Sunrise preamp output? Asking for a friend... ;-) Aug 16, 2019 19:11:10 GMT
solderdude: That depends on the type of attenuator. When it is only a series resistor it won't work. Aug 16, 2019 20:44:51 GMT
lobalwarming: What about a cheap pair of $500 Lundahl transformers? ;-) Aug 16, 2019 21:22:31 GMT
sene: How difficult would it be to add a pre out on the Solstice? Aug 17, 2019 3:47:11 GMT